Making Lemonade out of Lemons

By Jacquie Garner 0 Comment February 15, 2020

Car accidents are not something most of us would want to have happen. Of course if no one is hurt, we all are extremely grateful and all try to find the positive side of it. However, they still are costly and time consuming. This last week Greg had a minor car accident. (He was not hurt) An object, we think was a large dog metal cage, fell from a truck in front of him. He ran into it, because there was nothing else he could do without causing a more serious reck. It scratched the hood of the car, dented the front bumper, and bent one of the wheels. We let out insurance know about it and they totaled the car. Its still drivable though, and with the bent wheel we were able to get it fixed for $120. The insurance copy also gave us the option of keeping the car and giving us the money they would give us if it were totaled minus $800. I’m still not quite sure how that was an option, but either way, we talked about it for a couple of days. We were trying to decide, do we take the $6400 and get another used car, or keep this one and drive it with its dents and scratches and get a check for $5,600.

Well, we decided to keep our old car, even though now it’s only insurable for liability and its’ not too pretty. Which means because Greg hit a dog cage on the interstate, we now have $5,600 to add to our adoption fund! Wow, talk about a bad situation turning into a good one! We both asked each of our Mom’s for their suggestion and they both said “drive the old car and put the money in the adoption fund.” Mom’s always know best.

Maybe it was meant to be for that old cage to hit our car? I’m not sure, but I what I do know is, it is meant to be for us to raise the money to adopt a precious child in need.