We got a Yes! We have been matched!

By Jacquie Garner 0 Comment March 10, 2021

March 3, 2020 was an ordinary day of work and school for our family.  Well, it was a special day I that it was Daddy’s 50th birthday. We didn’t have any big plans for him, just a quiet birthday surprise with the kids at supper.   We also got an email that morning about 8 am.  A little girl in need of adoption.  I was busy with my patient, about an hour later I read it, showed it to Greg and we decided we would like to present our profile.  The agency asked me a few questions throughout the day and presented us to birth mom that evening.  We finished our and went to bed.  

Prior to this, we had been matched with a baby that we ended up not getting.  We now had been presented to 15 situations with none them them working out.  The last situation we presented to was February 25, twin 3 month old girls.  Oh how excited I was at that thought, But that was not meant to be.  I really cried and grieved the loss of those sweet girls.  Or maybe I cried so much that night to let all the pain of the no’s, come out.   I grieved, and then I got up the next morning with a lighter step, with renewed contentment.  Knowing that it’s all out of my control. That I’m happy with being a boy Mom forever, and I’d be happy with getting a girl someday, and I was happy with the in between and not knowing.  

Well March 4 we all went about our day.  I was on telehealth visit it with my sons doctor.  My phone rang twice from the agency of the 4 year old girl.  I immediately thought I bet they are calling because they chose us.  But I didn’t dare get my hopes up.  I got off the call with the doctor as fast as I could.  Greg and I called the agency, and they answer was YES!!!! We were chosen to be the parents of a precious 4 year old girl.  Oh the joy, and the excited, we felt! Yet the feeling was also met with immediate feelings of humbleness, and nervousness of the honor to care for this precious one!   They told us the details and the to do list, it was so hard to focus!  We had to leave the next day! This was going to be a fast and urgent adoption.  We had less than 24 hours to get our lives and our boys lives in order, buy flights and get to Tampa,  Florida.   But we did it! Thanks to our amazing parents who said don’t worry about the boys just go! My coworkers were amazing too! I right away got my fmla maternity leave approved.  My coworkers took care of arranging the schedule and said go get your baby girl!  So we went!