Waiting and Hoping

By Jacquie Garner 0 Comment May 7, 2020

All journeys can be long.  Adoption journeys are no exception.  And because it’s such an emotional experience it usually feels very long.  

With the COVID-19 crisis, it kinda felt like our adoption plans all went on hold.  And in some ways they did.    The fundraising plans we had all came to a stop.  That being said, God has provided in amazing ways financially, and we are still going forward.   And even though there has been a crisis in the world, the children in need are always with us and out there.  So we are still on this path.  Our consultant and social workers are working hard and so are we to make this all happen.  The stage we are in now is the getting presented and then matched.   This stage could take a long time or it could happen really fast.  There will be “No’s” when we want the answer to be yes.  There will be excitement and fears of the unknown.  There will be sadness and brokenness.  There will be joy and love.  It will take time, but the love will come instantly.   

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes sent this way.  It means so much!  We want to again thank all those who donated financially.  We have lots of family and friends who we could not do this without their love and support.  Raising children takes a village.  We will share more as this journey continues.